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My name is Cesar Ngabo Desire I am twenty two years old digital/traditional artist ,illustrator ,Photographer and college student taking fine arts courses from Kigali Rwanda currently based in Manila Philippines for studies.

I grew up loving art ,drawing  was my main hobby but didn’t get to take any art classes until when I got to college.

I graduated from high school in 2013 . I initially went into university wanting to become an animator or concept artist for games or to become an artist for comic books but as I progressed through my college years, changing schools ,doing researches ,seeing other artists on social medias and all around,etc… I became more open to many other paths and careers such as digital painting,vector art ,traditional painting ,figure drawing ,abstract art, and photography.

Being open to different art forms has and is still giving me an experience on the arts allowing me to mix different art forms with my own ideas and aesthetics together digitally and create my own artworks.

My goal is for my work to hopefully be enjoyed and recognised even way longer when I’m gone. to share sentiments and thoughts. I want my art to light a candle in the dark and to be a lookout for others who might need encouraging.


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