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Francis Y. Brown

Francis Y. Brown

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Francis Y. Brown is currently putting Ghanian and African animators on the map. The Creative Director and owner of AnimaxFYB studios has mastered many facets of the art.

Brown was born and raised in Ghana. As a young child, Brown found himself creating art around the compound of his home. From the time he was a small child, he would use various materials laying around the house when he would create his art. For example, if there was wood in the yard he would use materials he would find to cut and create sculptures. Brown’s grandmother was so surprised and impressed by his creations she began supporting his art work, supplying him with art tools for his creations.

Currently, Brown breaks down the different steps in the creating process. He finds the visions conceptualized to be his favorite part of the process. Brown sees himself as an artist in transit. His artistic experiences began as an illustrator. Soon after, he moved into being a  colorist before switching over to carpentry, picture making and finally film.

Brown’s last creation was a short animation piece on slavery entitled “Freedom”. His inspiration behind this particular piece was inspired by the unfortunate current situations that are occurring in North Africa. Brown believes many Africans have an issue when it comes to discussing the unfortunate situation of slavery.

In the future, Brown is interested in creating a variety of content for children of color all around the world. He believes that when children see characters that look similar to them and can relate to their stories, they are empowered. Brown says “I want children of color, especially black boys to feel they are being shown in a positive light and their stories are being told no matter their social class”.

AnimaxFYB Studios has been operating since 2014.  Brown’s work can be found on multiple platforms.


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