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Freak de l’Afrique

Freak De L'Afrique

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A small but very well connected group of DJs and party promoters recently put Berlin on the international Afrobeats & Afro House map.

With their monthly party-series such as The Afro House Experience, Bantu’s Diary and Black Paper, the Berlin-based DJs Wallizz and DJ Nomi have created a unique set of club nights that focus on the current club sounds emerging from across Africa that re-define the club sound of Berlin. Not being satisfied with their successful nights and increasing international DJ bookings, Wallizz and Cambel decided to start their own artist project and called it Freak de l’Afrique (The Freak from Africa). The debut single is here now, and it ?s called “Mama Eh”. In this club banger, you hear the best of Afro-House clashing with the melodies of UK grime and the grumpy attitude for which Berlin has become internationally known.

Freak de l’Afrique´s debut “Mama Eh” is now released on Man Recordings, Berlin ?s only record label championing club sounds from the Southern hemisphere for more than a decade. Two remixes also  accompany the single release. First up is Jowaa from Accra in Ghana, the producer and DJ team consisting of Benjamin Lebrave of Akwaabaa Records and Accra allround talent Gafacci. The second remix dives into deep Afrohouse with X-Trio from Luanda, Angola who smoothed out the in your face sound of the original into tribal territories. A stunning debut track plus two hot remixes – Freak De L ?Afrique are here to stay!

Members: DJ Nomi, Wallizz, Ukai Ndame, YoungGambinos, Nana Addison, KidPre


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