Lupita Nyong’o appeared on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday where she flexed her rap skills as her alter-ego Troublemaker.

The segment opened with host Jimmy Fallon noting that Nyong’o is referenced in Beyonce’s song “Brown Skin Girl” and Jay-Z’s “We Made It.”

“I love the Carters and they seem to love me. I’m not mad,” the actress said before she refused to say which song she liked better. “I couldn’t choose between the two.”

Later, Fallon asks Nyong’o to drop a freestyle as her alter-ego Troublemaker (a name we learn was given to her by rapper Common). Fallon then handed Nyong’o a microphone and sunglasses as The Roots began to play a beat.

Here’s her freestyle:

“Troublemaker in the building, hey/ I feel some bars coming, bars coming,” she rapped. “Much love to the Carters/ Hov and Beyoncé/ They always big me up in a big way/ I’m a brown skin girl so that means a lot/ Hov said we made it, got an Oscar for my props/ Much love to Jimmy and The Roots ’cause they hot/ Wrote a book about self-love, Sulwe’s ’bout to drop October 15th/ On time, to come/ Better go to commercial or these bars won’t stop.”

Nyong’o also talks about her upcoming book Sulwe available October 15. The novel follows a young girl who is the darkest person in her community, as she discovers herself and gains self-confidence in her appearance.


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